Are you looking for a fun, hands on learning experience for your child?
Harbor Homeschool offers in-person, high quality classes
 in a safe, social environment.

Welcome to Harbor Homeschool!

Harbor Homeschool Group provides high-quality educational opportunities for K-12 students. Our exciting and interactive classes are led by dynamic instructors and are designed to enhance the education of homeschooled students like yours.

We also provide comprehensive online content for home study and are happy to serve many homeschoolers around the metro-Detroit area.

2024-2025 Registration
is now open!

Classes are student-centered,
hands-on and a lot of fun!
We offer a wide array of elective and enrichment classes
for kindergarten through high school students.
We provide a safe and nurturing
environment for students.
Our high-quality instructors receive ongoing support,
encouragement, and resources to help them succeed. 
Harbor is a not for profit 501C3 organization. .
We have both OVA (Oxford Virtual Academy) funded and self-pay students.

Time & Place

Location: 2801 S. Telegraph Dearborn, MI 48124
School Hours: Thursdays and Fridays 9:30am-3:00pm
(We offer Morning Stretch and Afternoon Active Games 30 minutes before and after school)