About Harbor Homeschool

Harbor Homeschool partners with Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) to provide high quality educational opportunities.  We offer a wide array of elective and enrichment classes for students, kindergarten through high school.  The list of our exciting classes can be found under the Course Offerings tab.  You can also find information about our teachers there.


We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students.  Our classes are student-centered, hands-on, and a lot of fun!  We hire some of the best instructors in the area and pay them well - then strive to support, encourage, equip them in a manner that enables a high level of success in their efforts as educators.


We offer two ways to pay tuition: self-pay and OVA-funded classes.  Self-pay students pay a $60 per year registration fee plus $150 per semester for most classes (a few are $175-190).  Students registered with OVA are covered for up to 4 of our classes paid by OVA.  OVA students may also take additional self-pay classes.

"Even though Harbor Homeschool is a learning experience, it is amazingly enjoyable."  -- E & S, brothers, 9 and 8 years old